The Right Size Of Shoes Does Make A Difference!

The Right Size Of Shoes Does Make A Difference!
Have you ever had that feeling that there was something about
your feet or shoes but could not put your finger exactly on it?
There was some slight discomfort about your feet, maybe your
shoes felt slightly tight but no blisters or soreness. You have
discovered that your running shoes need to be at least a half or
maybe a whole size bigger than your street shoes. This is because
your feet swell as your run, this is normal and occurs more in

Half Marathon Training

I am in training for the Chicago Half Marathon in September. Work and family have kept me from running as much as I want. I should find a time of day to run when things do not get in the way and keep me from running. I ran the Quad Cities Distance Classic Half-Marathon at Augustana College in Moline, IL this spring. The last 3 miles were difficult and I walked quite a bit. I would like to do better this time.

Running in the winter

Running On A Treadmill
I have tried running on a treadmill and it was just to boring. For a while we had a treadmill here at home it wore out. We have been a member of the local YMCA which has a brand new fitness center with state of the art treadmills in front of a battery of TV’s but it was just too boring for me. Author Dr. Stephen R. Covey reads while on running on a treadmill. I am spoiled by running outside it so great I could never be happy running on a treadmill cooped up inside.