Freedom Flag 5k On the Charles, Boston MA July 1

Freedom Flag 5k July 1st, 2018 Uniting Together to Honor and Remember
Christian a Herter Park, 1175 Soldiers Field Rd Boston, MA US 02134

Register to join us Sunday July 1, 2018 at the Elliot Bridge in Christian A. Herter Park, Boston, MA

Your first 5k

To run a 5k go out and run right now. Ok how far did you go? Make it easy count blocks, for a very rough estimate just run 20 city blocks and back. Do what you can every day until you reach this goal. All city blocks are different but 20 is about half. Just keep gradually increasing until you can run run 20 blocks and back. If you want to be exact go and just trace your running route and it will give you exact distance. Put in your zip code for your city map.

I always go farther than I planned

I just don't want to quit running and so I keep taking turns away from the way I planned and away from home. Sometimes if I plan a quick 3 mile it might turn into a 10k or even a 10 miler. Its great to explore some new courses this way. Some of my favorite courses have been found this way and anyway it's not good to keep doing the same courses over and over again every day. Sometimes I just hate to quit running.

Bix 7 Runner