What I wear running in the winter

Bit of a chilly run today. It is 13 degrees and windy. I wore two layers of everything including gloves. I like those big fuzzy yellow work gloves with the black cotton work gloves inside. My hands stay warm at any temperature with those. Over a t-shirt I had a hooded sweatshirt with a vinyl windbreaker. I also wear a stocking cap under the hood. I hate those stocking caps that keep sliding down over your eyes. I also remove the string on hood or stuff them in side so they don't swing back and forth sometimes hitting your cold cheeks. On days like this I wear two pairs of runners tights. I have never liked the vinyl windbreaker pants that come with the jackets. I just wear the jackets with tights. I do wear the pants when there is a lot of snow. Some of the parks I run through have pretty deep snow drifts.

The cold air is warmed in your mouth before you breath it in.

If you get cold it is only on the first part of your run because in the second half your blood circulation warms hands, feet and everywhere else. The coldest part of me is usually face as it is the only bare skin. Some runners were those stocking cap ski masks with holes for the eyes I never liked them.