Running outside in winter

Many people ask if I run in the winter and are surprised that I run in the winter just as much as in the summer. In all my years of running outside in the winter I have only fallen once jumping over a pile of snow and landed wrong and sprained an ankle. I don’t think I have ever fallen on the ice, You just learn to run on it. This builds good balance as you age.

People always say don't your lungs freeze? The air warms up as you breathe it in so your lungs don’t freeze. I always come home from my winter runs soaked with sweat, this is why it is important to wear a vinyl running suit on the outside to keep the wind off.

It is great for you to get outside and be healthy. Your body needs sunshine to make an vitamin D an essential vitamin. The benefits of running are inestimable since there is no way to measure the lost abilities from not running with the health of an active life. I am 70 and still weigh within 20 pounds of what I did in high school and can even wear some the same clothes. Gain in body weight is not the only thing that happens as we age. Think of all of things you used to do as a child can you still do them? Except for needing reading glasses now and then, I can.

It is never too late to start running.