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The OVERRUN Ovarian Cancer 5K Run/WAlk

Friday 21, 0000
Race timed, managed or directed by: 

Bodies Health & Fitness

Race summary (about this race): 

Men, women and children will join us for a day of hope, support and awareness. The best after party in town!

Event type and distance: 
5K Run/Walk
Race Date : 
Sunday, October 21, 2018
Race Start time for each distance: 
8:30 AM
Event Venue: 
Southcreek Office Park
Starting line address: 
7200 W. 132nd St.
Overland Park
Zip code: 
Day of race registration: 
Link to the results from previous years: 
Proceeds will go to: 

The OVERRUN Ovarian Cancer Foundation to support ovarian cancer research and patient advocacy

Race distance: 
City and state: 

Overland Park, KS