Alaska Endurance Trail Run

Race summary (about this race): 

Welcome to the Alaska Endurance Trail Run!

2017 is the second year for the Alaska Endurance Trail Run. It is a timed race, meaning that runners race the clock to see how far you can go in the allotted time. There are three options: a 6-hour race, a 12-hour race, and, new for this year, a 24-hour race; sign up for any of the three. Most races will finish at the same time, which should make for an exciting completion of the day (particularly for our timers!). Immediately following the finish, the post-race BBQ party will start, with the awards ceremony as soon as results are ready.

Event type and distance: 
Fixed Time Endurance Run
Race Date : 
Saturday, June 3, 2017
Race Start time for each distance: 
24 hour: Friday, 8PM. 12 hour: Saturday, 8AM. 6 hour: either 8 AM or 2PM Saturday.
Name of park, lake or trail : 

UAF West Ridge Trails

Event Venue: 
University of Alaska Fairbanks
City, state and zip: 

Fairbanks, AK 99775

Alaska Endurance Trail Race runners
Registration dates: 
Starting 1/20/2017. Closes 5/31/2017.
Month, day and year of race: 
June 2-3, 2017
Running club race calendar: 
Swag, t-shirt sizes: 
Technical t-shirts and other goodies
Race Day Parking: 
Free, near the starting area
Link to the results from previous years: 
Race director: 
Don Kiely
How many years has this race been held: 
Moderate hills on generally good trails, some mild technical sections, mainly roots