My PRs

When I finish a race and someone asks "Was that a PR" I often joke that PR means possible recovery. PR which really stands for personal record is what makes running the most fun. I remember all my PRs well.
My favorite race is the Quad City Times Bix 7 Mile Road Race. I have ran this race 26 times. This out and back race is in the last week of July, the hottest time of the year. It starts with a mile uphill run from the Mississippi River, then turns and runs back down to river at right angle on a different road. On this road there are many good sized hills, 7 I believe. My best time is 59.55. I remember the day well. It was grey overcast day. We were standing on the starting line, suddenly during the pre-race instructions a cloud downpour of rain soaked everyone to the skin in seconds. It rained off and on during the race of the race, but I got my best time ever for that race.
It seems I always get some of my best times in the rain. I remember the Alexis Four Mile Run, it rained two years in a row. I also got second in my age group those two years. That is still my best time for the four mile, 27:56.
I also remember one day I got in the car and drove the 3 hours to Ottawa, Illinois for a 10 mile race in the first week in December. The ground was bare with more frost then snow. It was windy with dry snow blowing in the cold wind across the cut down cornfields on the country roads with nothing to stop the wind. My best time in 10 mile still is 77 minutes.
Starved Rock Runners put on a 3 mile turkey trot every year in Oglesby Illinois. One warm day in November I crossed the finish line in 20:10. I wish that would of been a 5k, but it is still my best time for the 3 mile.