Mississippi Running Festival!


On May 31st, GO! St. Louis will host a new basecamp-style team relay, the
Mississippi Running Festival! This inaugural event will bring together
everything great about relay running — beautiful trails, time to hang out
with friends, great music, food, and beverages — all without having to sit
in a van all day!

Teams will set up camp at our beautiful team village site in the fields of
Southern Illinois University campus while members take turns running loops of
the 3 courses for the event. In between running, team members can visit with
friends (and maybe even make some new ones from other teams), relax at their
campsite, and take advantage of the team village activities — yoga classes,
foam rolling clinics, ask the expert, food trucks and more!

As a valued member of our regional running community, we'd like to offer
anyone from your organization 10% off team registration. To register, visit
https://gostlouis.org/events/mississippi-running-festival/ and input the code
MISSISSIPPI10 at checkout.

We'd love to connect with additional members of your running community; if
you can think of any other means of reaching them (appropriate calendars,
magazines, blogs, etc.), please share your thoughts.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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