For a long time I was the newsletter editor

For a long time I was the newsletter editor for our running club starting some time in the 80's. One of the things everyone wanted me to do was make a race calendar with races from the nearby clubs in the larger towns so I would get them for our race calendar. It is just like me to overdo everything and pretty soon I had too many races on the same calendar so I started making two, one for those who just wanted nearby races and one for those who wanted to travel. After some years my wife, the club secretary started helping and now completely doing the newsletter. I still do the website and it has the small nearby race calendar on the front page and links to the nearby running club race calendars

The far away race calendar at first became the entire state of Illinois and I got the domain name just for it. After a few years I wanted to include more races from the surrounding states so I added the domain name domain name Next I added my list of running clubs which is probably most of the ones in the US who have a web site. I am still adding races and running clubs in the US and some in Canada.

I will probably start adding some bicycle rides but even though Julie and I love going on long bicycle/camping trips I don’t know much about bicycle racing so I would feel like a novice adding bicycle events. However anyone who knows something about bicycle events is more than welcome to add bicycle events

I would love to be able to travel to some of these races I add to my calendar and some day I hope to. I would really like to do some of the Kansas city trail nerd races or some of the DINO races in Indiana someday. For now it just fun to dream and just keep adding them to my calendar.

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