Kewanee Run Your Ice Off 5k Run

My favorite new years day race is the Hardcore run in Kewanee. I think I first ran this race in 1983, there was not any snow but the streets were covered with thick ice. It was hard enough to stand up let alone run. In past years there have been combinations of ice and snow. Last year there was about 4 inches of snow on ground. I remember several years back there had been freezing rain on top of snow the night before.

Originally the race started at the Pioneer club and ran to Lloyds. It was more of an informal fun run since there were no trophies and the course was not measured. At Lloyds afterward there was all the free hot dogs you could eat. A few years back they moved it to the Moose Lodge with a new 5k course, sweatshirts for runners and more food. They had hotdogs, barbecues, chili, pop and chips. This year they had barbecues, chili, pop and chips. There was absolutely no excuse for going away hungry since there was enough for seconds and thirds, even for the walkers.

This year it was moved to the Flemish American Club just off 3rd street. The course ran out third past the high school and back. This made it a great course since there were very few turns.

The city of Kewanee uses the proceeds of this race to fund the annual fireworks. It is easy to see why this is a popular race with alt the free food, great course and accurate fast results.