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I Love Running

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Finishing The Quad Cities Distance Classic

I think about running all the time. All of my friends are running friends and all of the best times of my life have been while running. I especially love racing sometimes going to 20 or 25 a year. The best memories I have are all at races.

I have made pictures at races. To take these pictures I carry a camera while running. Digital cameras have made this easy. I used to carry a disposable and get the pictures developed as soon as I got home and just scan them into the computer. This picture on the right was taken with one of those disposable, one time use Kodak cameras with the cardboard covers. I can remember carrying them in Bix 7 and they would be all soaked with sweat after the race, the pictures would still develop OK. The digital pictures are much better.

Here are some of my running pictures.

I like to think back to PRs I have made years ago. Like the Ottawa 10 miler in December I ran in 77 minutes or the Oglesby Turkey Trot 3-miler in 20.10. I remember getting 2nd in my age group at the Alexis 4-mile run two years in a row with sub 28 minute times. Getting a PR like that which you are proud of is one of the best feelings in the world. I even met my wife at a race over 20 years ago. We got married Bix weekend on the 29th of July, 1990. I love running.

Pictures from the Quad Cities Distance Classic Half Marathon

The picture above was taken at the Quad Cities Distance Classic Half Marathon. That grassy area has since been paved over. This is coming into the stadium from the parking lot to run the final quarter mile of the race. I so wanted to get my time under 2 hours for the half but I never did. I think in the race in the picture above I got 2:10 for the half. This was as close as I came to the less than 2 hour PR.
Pictures from the Quad Cities Distance Classic Half Marathon:
Bix7 mile run
Steamboat 15k

I think my favorite races of all time are the
Bix7 and the Quad Cities Distance Classichalf oh and I can't leave out the Steamboat 15K