I Love Running

I think about running all the time. All of my friends are running friends and all of the best times of my life have been while running. I especially love racing sometimes going to 20 or 25 a year. The best memories I have are all at races.
When I am at home and not running I often love to look at the running pictures I have made sitting and looking at these pictures is almost as good as being there. I used to take these pictures I carry a camera while running. Digital cameras have made this easy. I used to carry a disposable and get the pictures developed as soon as I got home and just scan them into the computer. The digital pictures are much better. Now I can just use my phone, it has better pictures than most cameras.
I like to think back to PRs I have made years ago. Like the Ottawa 10 miler in December I ran in 77 minutes or the Oglesby Turkey Trot 3-miler in 20.10. I remember getting 2nd in my age group at the Alexis 4-mile run two years in a row with sub 28 minute times. Getting a PR like that which you are proud of is one of the best feelings in the world.
I even met my wife at a race and we were married on Bix 7 weekend in 1990. I love running.