Hillbilly Porkchop Roundup 5k Mud Run

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Race date: 
27 Apr 2013 9:00 AM
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5k Mud Run and obstacle course, Individual and Team runs. 1 Mile kids mud run and obstacle course. 16 obstacles, with a rock climbing wall, Massive foam pit, and super soaker water cannon to name a few.
Event Venue Location: 
Mulberry, Ar

Are you willing to run miles over crazy obstacles, through hillbilly country, carrying greased pigs, for no good reason but to have fun?

The hillbilly Porckchop Roundup extreme obstacle and running event will test your body and mind!
This slippery mud filled challenge is the best in these here hills!
We're going to dish out the mud! Can you take it?

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Ronald Mcdonald House Charities

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