Everyday Running

I started everyday running 291 days ago and I have posted about my run everyday on my Facebook page. Geoff Smith.
I started everyday running to give myself a little more consistency in my running. For me it is not about running fast it is about health and wellness and feeling good about myself.
We all run for different reasons but the bottom line must be it has to be fun enjoyable and something we want to do.

40 years ago my running was all about going faster breaking world records and winning. That was the driving force but the bottom line I loved the hard work and the feelings of satisfaction from working out everyday.
Today my only aim is to get out feel the sun on my face and the wind at my back and love every step.
It is not about how fast I can go it is only about how good I feel and the satisfaction I feel each day running.
I know from years of experience what has to be done. Yet the simple truth is that just being consistent and running I will see improvement both physically, mentally and emotionally.
Just enjoy your time out!!!


bix7runner's picture

I too remember trying to be fast but now just love to go out and run 5 or 6 miles a day at a comfortable speed. Running is the best part of life.