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Galva Independence Day Is One Of My Favorite Races

In these long cold winter months when sometimes it is hard to get out and run I start thinking about good times running in the summer. I was just thinking about the Galva Independence day race. I don’t think I have missed that race in the last 20 years. It’s always in Wiley Park in Galva. Wiley Park is a small park in the middle of the city with a picnic shelter in the center. Huge beautiful old houses with neatly manicured lawns surround the park. There are big wide sidewalks for runners to finish on.

Galva Independence day race

My First Marathon, Memorial Health Tybee Island Marathon

I had for many years never ran a marathon because of the time it takes to train that much and the frequency of injuries among people training for a marathon. My wife (Julie) and her running friend (Kim) decided to, so I did also. This involved training all through the winter. They had some walk/run they found somewhere I did not want to do a walk run plan so I trained by myself. Unfortunately I was also busy with work at this time and did not train as much as I should of. My longest run was 18 miles, but I don’t think I did those long runs often enough.

Don't you just love...

When you get to that stage in your running when you can actually go running without a watch? That you go to a race just for the fun of running it? You don't even wear a watch or worry about your time.
No pre race stretching or warm ups or worries about what to wear. You just wear what you want to keep warm without worrying about extra clothes slowing you down.
You can just talk to your friends it does not even matter where you line up.

I Love Running

I think about running all the time. All of my friends are running friends and all of the best times of my life have been while running. I especially love racing sometimes going to 20 or 25 a year. The best memories I have are all at races.

Julie and I

You know I love running t-shirts

I wear them everyday, sometimes running sweatshirts and hoodies. My wife and I have hundreds. Since I first started running in the early 1980's, I still have some of those shirts like the Rainbow shirt from the Bix7 in 1987.
When I started running it was so hard just to finish a race and I was so proud of the t-shirts I got for running those races. I know most people don’t even know what those funny colored t-shirts are for or maybe think I am strange for wearing them but I don’t care. For me running is to impress myself.