You know I love running t-shirts

I wear them everyday, sometimes running sweatshirts and hoodies. My wife and I have hundreds. Since I first started running in the early 1980's, I still have some of those shirts like the Rainbow shirt from the Bix7 in 1987.
When I started running it was so hard just to finish a race and I was so proud of the t-shirts I got for running those races. I know most people don’t even know what those funny colored t-shirts are for or maybe think I am strange for wearing them but I don’t care. For me running is to impress myself.

Hills Are Your Friends

Hills are some of the best speed work there is. If you want to shatter your 5 or 10k pr but you are tired of speed work try some hills. If you are tired of running repeats over the same 800 yards try hills. Try running hill repeats or just add hills to your daily route.

Just start at the bottom and charge up at top speed 3 or 4 times depending on the hills. Parks with lots of hills are great. Just take a run through the park a couple times. Then take a nice cool down 5k on pavement for a great workout.