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7 ways to run a faster race

1. Think about your breathing and running form, professionals think about form, beginners try to think about other things. Have you ever seen olympic runners with headsets listening to music?
2. Keep your head up and look straight ahead, don't hunch over. Breathe slow and controlled. Rapid breathing causes chest pains.
3. Keep your arms down low and keep your fists comfortable not clenched.
4. Drink a glass or two of water an hour or so before the race.
5. Eat right before the race. Allow at least 2 hours for food to digest.

How to run a half marathon

Train For A Half Marathon (13.1 Miles)
Here is the ideal half marathon training schedule. You will need to run at least 10 miles once a week for at least a few months before the event. An ideal schedule would be to run 7 miles Tuesday and Thursday and 5 miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Sunday go for a nice long run of 10 to 13 miles.
Write down approximately what you think your daily mileage is right now. Total this up to get your weekly mileage. To stay injury free you should not increase this total more than 10 per-cent a week.

How Is Your Running Form?

One of the many things you can do to significantly reduce your split times is to constantly monitor your form while running. This is mark of the professional runner, experienced runners concentrate on breathing and form, while running and newbies try to think about other things. After running for a while you will find that concentrating on your running form can improve your over all race times quite a bit. Some of the things you need to watch are listed here.

Everyday Running

I started everyday running 291 days ago and I have posted about my run everyday on my Facebook page. Geoff Smith.
I started everyday running to give myself a little more consistency in my running. For me it is not about running fast it is about health and wellness and feeling good about myself.
We all run for different reasons but the bottom line must be it has to be fun enjoyable and something we want to do.