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Hills Are Your Friends

Hills are some of the best speed work there is. If you want to shatter your 5 or 10k pr but you are tired of speed work try some hills. If you are tired of running repeats over the same 800 yards try hills. Try running hill repeats or just add hills to your daily route.

Just start at the bottom and charge up at top speed 3 or 4 times depending on the hills. Parks with lots of hills are great. Just take a run through the park a couple times. Then take a nice cool down 5k on pavement for a great workout.

What you can do to run faster

Ever line up next to that guy wearing shorts and gloves at a December Jingle Bell Jog? After the race starts you think you are doing ok, so you just stay with him for a while. Long about the first mile split the race is over for you and you just coast the rest of the way, getting one of your worst times. Wouldn’t it be great to start pulling away from this guy in the last mile? Well here are some little tricks that just might make that happen. On your daily runs start off from the very first step going your absolute fastest. Try and keep this up for at least a quarter mile.

Kewanee Run Your Ice Off 5k Run

My favorite new years day race is the Hardcore run in Kewanee. I think I first ran this race in 1983, there was not any snow but the streets were covered with thick ice. It was hard enough to stand up let alone run. In past years there have been combinations of ice and snow. Last year there was about 4 inches of snow on ground. I remember several years back there had been freezing rain on top of snow the night before.

Running outside in winter

Many people ask if I run in the winter and are surprised that I run in the winter just as much as in the summer. In all my years of running outside in the winter I have only fallen once jumping over a pile of snow and landed wrong and sprained an ankle. I don’t think I have ever fallen on the ice, You just learn to run on it. This builds good balance as you age.


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